The Geography of Diabetes

This is a visualization made with Tableau Public. I used the USDA's Activity Rates and Healthy Living data set, provided as part of the ReadWriteWeb and Tableau Public interactive graph contest. I assigned a color scale to represent diabetes rates across the U.S., county by county, and then added several interesting filters to allow people to play with the data online. Mousing over a county reveals a tooltip with the rate for that county. Narrowing the ranges of the filters lets you see how the geographic distribution varies with selections based on poverty, obesity, and race. One can find different distributions here (see what happens if you look only at counties with less than 30% obesity, for example), but in general it's more amazing how recalcitrant the geography seems to be.

Note: A known bug in Tableau Public may prevent loading in Safari. If you have trouble getting this copy to load, try the copy on the Tableau Public server.


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